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Money making website with wordpress

Build Money Making Websites with WordPress

Hi guys and welcome to this new article where we are going to talk about money making websites that we can build using WordPress. If you don’t know anything about WordPress you should probably start reading my WordPress absolute beginners guide. When you will be more familiar with the topic you can come back here and fully understand this article.

In 2020 Internet is giving us all the tools to build an online business from scratch with a very low budget. Today we are going to see how we can build a store without owning any product. Yes, we are talking about dropshipping but you will not be listening the same story over and over…here is a concrete idea that you can do today and with a very low budget. 

WordPress plus Printify.

The win win combination

Surfing on the internet and try to find the easiest way for my readers to make money making websites, I found this interesting opportunity.

Here, we will take the Dropshipping concept to another level. Long story short, Printify is a website that allows you to design your own t-shirt, jumpers, phone cases, and much more.

Once someone buys the good from your website, you will need to send the order to Printify which will create it on demand and send it directly to your customers.

This is a great opportunity to create your brand!! An amazing value about using Printify is that being the product original, you can sell it in lots of places on the internet, including Amazon, Etsy, and a few other websites that I will list below

So…what do we need to get started??

how to easy build  money making websites

If you haven’t read my previous articles and is your first time creating a website you should understand a couple of things. In order to have a website, you need hosting and domain. If you wanna buy a very good one at a small price, you should check my article on where to buy the best WordPress Hosting.

If you are clear about it, let’s dive into building our Website.

First of all, we need to choose what WordPress theme we are going to use! If you are a low budget I suggest you go for the Astra free version but, if you have a little budget and you want to take your store to another level I would definitely recommend you Porto WordPress theme. They are both very easy to customize and they both come with amazing templates. Remember, if you are not experienced go for Astra! It works with Elementor while Porto is working with WPBakery. They are both visual composers but Elementor is way easier to use if you are a newbie.

If you want to see how to set up a website from scratch with Astra you can read my related article and then come back here.

Discovering Printify

So, what can I really do with Printify? You can design your own handbags, phone cases, skirts, pants, dresses and much more! There are actually more than 250 items you can choose from.

Also, you can easily connect with 90+ print providers’ locations. Like this, you will be always sure that your clients, all over the world, will receive their goods in a few days! Isn’t this great??

Start working with Printify it’s free! Paid plans, which are very cheap, are made for expert users.

Ok, let’s now dive into the five easy steps to correctly get started with Printify! You will see how easy it is! Don’t worry if you are not able to design your brand, I have a little trick for you!

Get Started with Printify

Step 1. Go to and click on Products on the main menu. Choose the product you want to work within more than 250 available.

Step 2. Use the built-in mockup generator and start placing your brand on your good. You will be able to customize any single aspect. Front, back and any other part depending on the product you have chosen. Printify will guide you through the picture best sizes to upload. If you don’t know how to resize a picture you can use this easy free online tool! Make sure you are uploading your design with the suggested size for better appreciate the result.

Step 3. Ask your provider to send you a sample of your new product. Like this, you will be able to feel it and better describe it to your customers when you are selling it. On top of that you can check the delivery time and be sure that the one you have chosen, it’s the right provider.

Step4. You can publish your new products on your website or you have a few more options if you don’t want to build one! We will talk about these options in the next paragraph.

Step5. Take a seat and get full control of the analytic part. It’s important to always analyze where your buyers come from. If you don’t have a website you can easily do this from your Printify dashboard. Printify will track the orders for you. Of course, having a website with Google Analytics installed will tell you a lot more. This is why I always suggest selling from your own website. It has many more benefits and one of these is for sure the analytics part!

Sell your products without a website

If you are new with selling online and you want to test out your products before building a website, here I’ve got a few options to suggest to you. 

The first one I want to suggest is Etsy! In fact, Etsy is a marketplace very famous for buying original goods! Here, you will not compete with big brands like Nike or Puma, here you will be competing with other people that are pretty much doing the same thing you are doing. You can create your store on Etsy and start selling in a matter of minutes! This is a good place to start if you want to test the market. 

money macking websites

The second source is for sure Amazon and why not, let’s mention eBay too. Of course, here you will have to compete with major brands but also remember how many visitors Amazon has each month. If your final product is good, you won’t be waiting long to see your first sale and so on. Same thing for eBay. Lots of competition but huge traffic guaranteed! 

Why you should own your own website

It’s very simple to answer to this question. The first reason is that you can sell with no other competitors around! Once you take your customers to your website, they will be focused on your products and not be distracted by someone else’s one. 

The second reason is that you can add some related niche products coming from other designers. You can dropship them in the same way you dropship your own goods. To look for safe dropshippers suppliers you should read my article about Salehoo. Money making websites are usually a mix in between your own products and other people’s ones. Also, with your own money making websites, you will have a totally different approach to your customers. For example, you can add a live chat plugin to engage a conversation with them! This will make a huge difference!

In 2020 there are multiple ways to build money making websites. The best choice is to do it using WordPress. As I told you before, Astra would be your best choice if you are a beginner. Following up on my tutorial you will be online in a matter of hours. Do not lose this opportunity! 

In this article, we have seen a concrete idea to create money making websites. To get more information about Printify you can check their website and go through their blog. It will give you lots of ideas on how to create your first product and how to market it. If you are willing to build your own website and you are a beginner, don’t worry. You will be just fine with following my WordPress Absolute Beginner’s guide!
See you online and let me know if I can help you with all the processes. Contact me to join one of my live tutorials. I will teach you live how to build money making websites from scratch. 

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