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How to Set up WordPress In Siteground

In this article we will see how to set up WordPress in Siteground and we will go trough a few other benefits this Hosting Provider is giving you.

Once you have installed the Siteground hosting you will find yourself on the page I’m showing you below. If you have not yet purchased your hosting and your domain, I recommend you follow my  step by step tutorial that you can find clicking here.

Let me remind you that in order to have a website you need a Hosting and a Domain. Once you have them you are ready to see how to set up WordPress in Siteground.

As said, once you find yourself on this page, click on ” websites ” in the Top section  and there you will find your registered domain. I took the liberty of deleting my Domains from the photo in order to not make them public. Once inside the website section click on site Tools.

How to set up wordpress in siteground
Setting up wordpress

Once you click on Site Tools, you will end up on this screen. Select the WordPress item in the panel on your left. In sub menu select now “install & manage”. The right part of the screen that I’m showing in the picture will now appear.

At the top, select WordPress, I’ve circled the picture so you cannot miss it. Once you click on it, the rest of the page will show up. In the first field, select the domain name you want WordPress to be installed to. Don’t worry about the filed ”installation path”. Now, underneath, select your user name and password. This will be your admin access. The only thing left, is your email. This emal will be your primary website email, this could be changed at any time once we have access to the WordPress Dashboard. 

Wordpress set up step by step

When everything is set up, just click on Install and the system will do the rest. It’s very easy to set up WordPress on Siteground, this is why I always recommend Siteground as you hosting provider. 

If you want to learn how to set up your first WordPress website step by step, you should read the related article here

How to set up WordPress in Siteground – A few More Tips

Once WordPress will be set up we can do a few useful things inside the Siteground cPanel, some of these are surely creating a business email, setting up your SSL certificate and connect your CDN. For what concern the CDN I will create a full tutorial, remember to subscribe and I will let you know when is going to be ready. 

Right now, here below, I’m going to show you how to create your business email and how to set up your SSL certificate. 

How To Set Up Your Business Email In Siteground

Still in the Site Tools section of your administration panel, choose the email section located on the left of your screen as shown in the image. Then select accounts in the sub menu, and proceed to create your business email. The first step is to choose the related website, in this case you will probably only have one. Once the website has been selected, simply create the name of the mail and its password. Once the process is complete, press “Create”.

Setting business email account in siteground

Once your email has been created you can finally access your webmail Service. To access your business email simply click on the three dots located to the right of the email name and click on login to webmail.

Once you have done this, select ”Roundcube” as your default email and access to you business email cPanel. 

Certificado SSL Siteground

How to set up the SSL certificate in Siteground hosting

Always in the same control panel you can install your SSL certificate. From the left menu select the Security box. Now select SSL manager from the sub menu. Once this is done, the page shown in the image on the side will open. As always, we choose the domain to which we want to apply the certificate, once this is done, select the first item of the drop-down menu: ” let’s encrypt ”. Finally click on ” create ” and wait for the system to do the rest.

SSL Siteground

Once your certificate is installed, it’s time to force it. Still in the left menu, stay in the Security box and select this time HTTPS enforce. Simply activate the button on your right and wait for the system to do the rest.

I highly recommend activating your SSL certificate before starting your web page. When we upload images to our web it is possible that these do not have an https address and therefore cause a conflict with the certificate. If this is the case,  your page turns out to be unsafe in Google. It is possible that this will happen anyway, and if it is your case, contact me and I will give you a solution to remedy the problem.

Click here to contact me

force SSL in siteground

We have seen how to set up WordPress in Siteground and a few more actions to take in your hosting cPanel. It’s now time to build our first website. If you want to see how you can do it in less than one hour, just click here and read my step by step tutorial titled: building an eCommerce in less than one hour!

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