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how to build an eCommerce website in Wordpress

How to build an eCommerce store with WordPress

In this article we are going to see how to build an eCommerce store with WordPress in less than one hour. Even if it sounds impossible and agencies charge thousands of dollars to build you an eCommerce, today I will change your mind. I will show you the fastest way, as a beginner, to build an eCommerce store with WordPress and customize it. The good news is that this method is totally free!!

What do we need to get started

To get started and see how to build an eCommerce store with WordPress, we only need a hosting and a domain. This is mandatory in order to have a website. If you don’t have one, I suggest you read my step by step tutorial on how to get one. Just clicking here and follow the simple and quick instructions. Besides hosting and domain, all the rest of the tools that we are going to use are free! Of course, I will show you also some premium plugins that will make your website stand out the crowd, but for now, let’s focus on the free tools that we have available.

How to Build an eCommerce store with WordPress step by step tutorial

At this point you should already have installed WordPress on your hosting. If you didn’t, read the article related on how to install WordPress here. When you first get access to your WordPress Dashboard, your page will look like the one in the picture here on the side. It’s a default template called twenty twenty that is pre installed. In a few minutes this website will be transformed into an eCommerce almost with zero efforts…incredible right? We are now ready to take action and see how to build an eCommerce store with WordPress.

How to build an eCommerce store
Build a Website
Taking Action

The first thing that we are going to do is going to our dashboard and look at the menu we have on the left side. This is the menu that controls all your website functions. From there, all the magic happens. Let’s now look for the ”appearance” tab and select ”themes” from its sub menu. Right now we are facing a screen with all the default themes that WordPress is giving us when we first get in. We are going to look now for the theme that we want to use to build our first website. In this case an eCommerce one. This tutorial is useful for any type of website and you will see. Let’s press now ”Add New” at the top of the page and let’s look for a theme called ”Astra”.

Once the database has found the theme, just press ”install” and then ”activate”. Once you activate the Astra theme, you will not notice big differences on your website appearance. What we have just done is only installing a different template to the one WordPress gave us, but, since we didn’t touch any function yet, our website will still be looking a little bad but don’t worry, we are about to fix this.

Now, take a look at the black menu on the WordPress dashboard and look for ”plugin”, once you found it, click on add new from the plugin’s sub menu. 

Build a Website Step By Step
Astra starter template

We are not going to search for ”astra starter template”

Once we find the plugin, which is exactly the one I’m pointing at in the picture, we will click on install now and then on activate.

Once you activate the plugin, under the tab ”appearance”, located on the black left side of the WordPress menu, we will see an extra option. The extra option is the astra starter template that we have just downloaded.

The Astra Starter template

Click on ”astra starter template and select ”Elementor” as your default page builder. Elementor is by far the best option for beginners. Is a Drag and Drop visual composer that will make your website look very professional. It’s an amazing plus for WordPress lovers and the lite version is totally free to use. When Astra comes together with Elementor, the real magic happens! If you want to know more about this amazing Visual Composer, you can check their main page and go through all the benefits that this amazing tool is giving you. Click here to check Elementor official website.

Now, like I’m showing you below, after you have selected ”Elementor” as your Page Builder, you will be redirected to a template page where you can choose your favorite one. As you can see, here we have a lot of free template to choose from. Use the search bar to look for the category that you are looking for. For example, if you type blog, all the pages categorized as a blog will appear below. Today, we are going to choose a template called ”Organic Store”. We can now click on it and finally start building our first eCommerce website. 

Elementor visual composer
astra theme

Building an eCommerce Website

We are now ready to take action and start building our first eCommerce with WordPress. Once you get into the ”Organic Food” Template click below on ”Import Complete Site”. After this, a popup will come up asking you about required actions. Make sure that every box is ticked  and press ”Import”. 

Relax and let the system work for you. You are about to have your first WordPress eCommerce ready in a few minutes.

This action will import and install the required plugins and create the website pages for you. Incredible, right? 

Building an ecommerce
creating an ecommerce

After a couple of minutes your action will be completed and a popup will come out saying ” Imported Successfully”. Press now on ”View Site” and enjoy the new look of your website! 

Now, you have a fully functional website installed in your hosting. It’s time to personalize it and here is when the power of Elementor kicks in!

You will see how easy it is to customize your new website and soon you will have a fully functional eCommerce ready to sell your products! In case you have decided to go for a blog or a different type of template, don’t worry, the customization process will be pretty much the same!

Customizing our first eCommerce Website in WordPress

For the customization part, I’ve prepared for you a series of mini videos. It makes the process a lot easier for you and for me in order to make you fully understand what can you do with this amazing tool you have in your hands.

Customizing the home page

In the Video next to the script, we are going to see how to change the main picture and the text next to it. To customize any other picture inside the website or any other script is pretty much the same thing, don’t worry we will go through this later.. 
When it comes to changing a picture you just need to pay attention to its size. You don’t want to replace a portrait picture with a landscape one, it just doesn’t work and will completely mess up your website look. The good news is that Elementor will resize your pictures and make them fit inside the column you are working on. Check out the video just next to the script and start customizing your website. 

In today’s tutorial we have seen how to set up your first eCommerce website in less than one hour and we have started to customize it. You can customize the entire website in the same way as you’ve customized the front slider of your website. If you want to check how to set up your Woocommerce in order to upload your products and start selling them, please check my article about eCommerce with WooCommerce here.

If you want to better know what’s the function of the entire WordPress Menu, you should read my article on how to use the WordPress Dashboard 

If you are new WordPress user I strongly suggest you to read my WordPress Absolute Beginner’s Guide or to join one of our Free Live Webinar

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