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Amazon Affiliate Website

How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Website

In this article, we are going to talk about the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to build an Amazon Affiliate Website. For those who don’t know what an Amazon Affiliate Website is, it is basically a normal eCommerce but instead of selling your own products, you will be promoting Amazon’s ones. If you are reading this article I assume that you are already quite comfortable using WordPress. If you are not I suggest you start from my WordPress Absolute beginner’s guide and then come back here. 

It is worth to build an Amazon Affiliate Website?

Indeed yes. This is actually what I recommend to you if you are particularly passionate about something. Everyone has a passion and everybody would love to own a huge store selling what its passionate about. With the Amazon Associate program is now possible to store thousands of products on your own website, all coming from different Amazon sellers. To do so, we need just a few free tools and, to make our life 10 times easier, we will also use a premium plugin. Don’t worry, its price is very low!

build an affiliate amazon website

Tools you need to build an Amazon Affiliate Website

Let’s see specifically what do you need in order to build an Amazon Affiliate website. It’s very easy. First, you just need to join the Amazon associate program which Application form it’s very easy to be followed. It’s free and open to everyone. The only condition they have is you to make 3 sales before 180 days since the day  you joined the program. 
Second, you need a WordPress theme. We are going to use a Free one, and in this case I Suggest you the Astra theme. You can easy download it from the WordPress plugin directory clicking here. For those who are following my blog, you probably already know that I’ve proved many times that Astra is the best choice for beginners when it comes to building your own website. 
The third and last thing that we need is a WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin. This plugin will allow us to massively import any existing Amazon product to our new website. It would be very difficult to manually import thousands of products, and, even more, difficult would be to keep the information updated! Nearly impossible without a plugin that takes off this nightmare from you. Now, let’s go step by step and first think about what to promote…we will go back to the Amazon Affiliate plugin later…
looking for an amazon associate niche

How to find a niche to promote on your Amazon Affiliate Website

When we want to build an amazon affiliate website we should start thinking first about what to promote. This can be stressful for most people. In fact, lots of people lose hours or even days to decide what to promote. Some people don’t even make it through this step!!

Today I want to show you a little trick on how to quickly find, in a matter of minutes, the perfect niche for you to promote. 
Actually, there are 2 easy ways to do this. The classic one is to think about something you are really passionate about. Think about something that you would like to post on your social media about. Think about something that you would join forums to speak about and give your opinion. When you have something in mind just look for the related products on Amazon and start importing them to your website! Looking for these specific products will give you more ideas and your shop will grow fast. 
What’s the best to do if you don’t have neither a passion nor a clue about what to promote?
Here, my simple trick kicks in. What I do is go to and take a look at the categories. Then, once I find a parent topic I start going deep on its subcategories until I find something that I believe would be good and profitable to promote. There are so many subcategories that can be your niche. I recommend you to go very specific with your niche when you decide to build your Amazon affiliate website. To be clear, do not sell ”make up for women”, try to sell particular lines of makeups that can be used for particular skins. Doing this your target audience will be more specific and a lot easier to be reached.

Best WordPress template to build your amazon Affiliate website

If you want to build your Amazon Affiliate Website, there are lots of very good WordPress templates to choose from. Since this blog is based on teaching to those who are just starting with WordPress, I assume that some readers can be low on budget. If this is your case I suggest you use Astra to build your Amazon Affiliate Website. You can find everything you need in my article that talks about how to set up an eCommerce in less than one hour. Once you have gone through that article you will be ready to install the premium Amazon Affiliate plugin that will make your shop come to life. 

On the other hand, if you are willing to invest a bit more and buy a premium WordPress template, I suggest you go for ”Kingdom” which is the most used theme for this purpose. Watch out. Having a premium theme is not necessary but, if you are a beginner, this will help you a lot. First, you will have more customization options to choose from and second, you will have at least 6 months of free support in case you get stuck with something while you are building your Amazon affiliate website. When someone asks me what I have done, back in the days when I was a beginner…well, I was always going for the free option! Anyway, let me tell you that not always had been the right choice. Sometimes I’ve lost lots of time that I could avoid loosing if I had spent a few bucks. 

The Best WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin

Once you have your store set up, and to do this just read my article with a step by step guide inside, you want to purchase the plugin that will allow you to import any product from Amazon. As I told you before this is a paid Plugin but it really worth its price…and anyway…is just $20. If you are no willing to spend $20 for your business I guess this is not for you. 

Where to find the best Amazon Affiliate plugin and how to use it

First of all, to purchase your plugin, go to this URL. Here you will also find all the information that you need about it. Here, in this blog, I will tell you why I believe this is your best choice. First of all, let me tell you that I’ve tried most of the topic related plugins that are in the market. They are all more expensive than this one and less effective. The WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin has lots of features that will make you build an Amazon Affiliate website very fast and having everything under control. Let’s list the most important. 
  • Search the entire Amazon Product Database from your WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Monetize your WordPress posts with Amazon Affiliate LinksInsert Linkable Product Images
  • Create and insert links, images, call to actions, reviews and even display similar itemsInsert Amazon Buttons
  • Product information pop-overs
  • Automatically promote products at the top or bottom of your posts
This and much more can be done with this Amazing plugin. It literally makes you build an Amazon Affiliate Website in a matter of hours. 
On top of these amazing features, the plugin’s customer service will surprise you! They are always there to help you fix your problems. You will have 6 months of mail technical support included in the price. Here, you can explain your problem and also give them access to your website for further help! They usually answer in less than 24 hours!
As I always said, when I buy a new premium theme or plugin, the first features I look at are the Last update, how many sales have done, its review, and, I also do, a further check to the comments that other users have left. Well…this plugin is constantly updated, it has 5 stars review with a considerable amount of positive comments vs sales. 
Build an Amazon Affiliate website could be a very good business possibility and it can be realized on a low budget. If you are new to this, you should go to my blog and check out all the step by step tutorials. We are always here to help you with WordPress. In fact, you can join our free live webinars to learn WordPress techniques. It’s free…! For any other WordPress Advice please contact me and I’ll be happy to get back to you. 

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