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Best Way to build a website with Elementor

Today we will see how to build a website with Elementor could be the easiest path for both, beginners and advanced users. As a WordPress developer, I am always looking for new methods to achieve the best results when I build my websites. Let me tell you that until a while ago I didn’t really take Into consideration using Elementor as an option to build websites.  I’ve always seen Elementor as a very basic tool, In my mind could have been good for beginners but not for expert users. Well, let me tell you that I regret thinking that and I now consider Elementor to be absolutely the best visual composer to build a website with.  Here in this Article I will explain you. why. 

Why choosing Elementor?

The answer is very easy. With Elementor you can literally customize every single aspect of your page and, on top of this, it’s really easy to do it!!

Its interface is very intuitive, very well disposed and everything is there, ready to be used. With Elementor, you don’t have to be an expert WordPress developer to look like one. Learning to use this amazing tool it’s very very easy. If you focus on it, in a matter of two weeks you will know everything about it and you will soon be able to build stunning websites. 

The Elementor theme builder

The Elementor theme builder is something extraordinary. If you really wanna customize every single pixel off your website this is what you need. In fact from the theme builder, you can work and preset every aspect of your website. You will be able to create custom headers, Pages and Posts Layouts, uniques Footers, Popups, and much more. Once you have them created you just need to apply them to the respective section inside of your page. Doing this is again very easy. Elementor will guide you through every single click.
With the Elementor theme builder, you can also customize your Woocommerce shop page, single products, and every other aspect. And to do this, you don’t really need any crazy WordPress experience. 

How to build a website with Elementor? 

There are multiple ways to build a website with Elementor. The easiest one is for sure trough one of its compatible themes. In fact, on the internet, there are lots of compatible themes that will work perfectly with Elementor. Each one of these themes comes with 50+ ready-made templates so you can’t really go wrong. If you want to start from a blank template go for Hello. I suggest you anyway to use Hello when you feel very comfortable with WordPress and Elementor. If you are a beginner I suggest you download one of the free compatible themes and start from there. 

Tutorials Everywhere

Elementor’s Tutorials are everywhere! From the official youtube channel that covers any single aspect of how to build a website with Elementor, to many bloggers and people all over the web! Trust me, you can have any doubt solved in a matter of minutes just googling it.
I think this is one of the biggest plus. It’s really important to work with a tool that has a large user community. People are always asking and answering questions all over the web. In between this people you will find the answers you are looking for.

Elementor Free templates

If you want to build a website with Elementor quickly and for free, here is the solution for you. After I’ve tried lots of free and Pro Elementor theme, I consider Astra to be your best choice. In fact, Astra comes with a starter pack of 50+ website templates that can be installed with a click. For beginners, this is absolutely priceless. Having a guide while you build your first websites, it’s very important. You can read more about Astra in my article that will also teach you how to install it and build your first website step by step. 

Sooner or later you will go for a Pro Theme…
Trust me, sooner or later you will lose this feeling of being scammed if you purchase a pro theme. Let me tell you that, it doesn’t matter if you are a pro user or a beginner one, if you go for a pro theme, your life will be easier. First of all the customization options are a lot more! You will work faster and time is money! 

Astra Pro, your best option

So, how to build a website with Elementor in the easiest way is possible? I would definitely recommend you go for Astra Pro. I’ve been using Astra for all my clients in the past two months, I have never ever had a problem! Since I’ve discovered Astra Pro my job is a lot easier and my websites are a lot better! If you don’t know how to do something, there are never-ending tutorials on youtube. It does not require any coding skills, neither a touch of CSS. Everything is there, ready to be customized fast. The interface is absolutely user friendly and everything is very easy to be found. 
You can have more information about this theme on their official website. 
If you want to start working with WordPress you should really make your life easier from day one. This is the reason why I’m suggesting you go for a pro theme. If you are serious about learning you want to invest a bit of money. You can start practicing anyway with the lite version which is free and have everything that you need to build a website. 
If you are a newbie please read my WordPress absolute beginner’s guide. It will help you a lot. 

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