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best clickfunnels alternative 2020

Best Clickfunnels alternative

In 2020, I guess everybody knows Clickfunnels. For people who don’t, we are talking about probably the best tool ever created for beginners to build a landing or sales pages. It’s very easy to use and extremely beginner-friendly, it gives you tons of different templates you can plugin and use, it’s really complete. There is only one problem from my point of view…it’s very expensive. In fact, Clickfunnels’ lower plan, costs $99 per month! This is why I want to make you aware of the best Clickfunnels alternative out there! Its name is very famous, but, what people don’t know, is how powerful it is! I’m talking about Elementor!! In this article I will explain to you and, on top of that, show you, why Elementor is the best alternative to Clickfunnles. 

Elementor, the best clickfunnels alternative

What makes me laugh with this article is to talk about Elementor like the best alternative to Clickfunnels when it should be the other way around. Elementor should be the most used tool in between the two! I should say…if you don’t want to study a little bit and spend $50 per year with Elementor, which includes having a lot better features and options when you are working on your ads, then you should definitely try Clickfunnels. It costs a lot more but it’s easier. There is no comparison between the two tools and the funny thing is that people don’t know about it and still spend lots of money with Clickfunnles. Anyway, let me show you exactly what do you need in order to switch from one tool to another or, if you haven’t tried both, I can help you to make the right purchase.

Why Elementor

The only thing that can be a bit more difficult if you decide to go for Elementor is that you will need to understand the basics of WordPress. Nothing difficult, I’ve prepared for you an absolute WordPress Beginner’s guide that will show you exactly what you need. Once you have clear how WordPress works, then you are ready to use Elementor, the best Clickfunnels alternative!  Elementor is a free drag and drop page builder but, its lite version has restricted options. If you are serious about what you are doing, and you were about to spend $99 per month for using Clickfunnles, you will be happy to know that you are going to spend a lot less if you go for Elementor Pro. On top of this, you will have a lot more freedom, you will be able to customize any pixel of your landing pages and you will be powered by good hosting. 

Creating landing pages with Elementor

To create a landing or sale page with Elementor it’s very easy! In fact, the drag and drop page builder will give you tons of options! A lot more than the one you really need. Most of the business owners, want to keep the landing page separated from the entire website when they are creating an ad. In fact, this is why funnels are created. When you launch an ad, is a lot better if people will be landing on a funnel instead of a website home page. A funnel wants to summarise certain particular aspects that you want your audience to be aware of. It’s focusing exclusively on one single topic. On the other hand, if you send people to a website home page or specific page, they will be distracted from tons of information and sadly leave.

Sales funnels were born to not distract your customer from your target. This is why most of the people they don’t even want the website menu to appear. You just want people to read and take action. If you use Elementor, you can switch from a default website template to a canvas one. This will take you off the website’s menu and footer. Now you can easily create as many landing pages you want that will be separated from the entire website. I say that this is the best Clickfunnels alternative but I don’t really understand why people are still using Clickfunnels, even if they are beginners. Once you have switched to a canvas template you will be having almost the same Clickfunnels interface, only with a lot more options. I know that this can be confusing if you are starting up to work online but trust me, you just need to study some basics things to get where you want to be. 

What do you need to start using Elementor, the best Clickfunnels option?

Let’s suppose you don’t know anything about WordPress.

The total cost could be around $130 for the first year instead of $99 per month that you would have spent opting for Clickfunnels. If you think that you will have a lot more customizing options isn’t it a deal? Isn’t it the best Clickfunnels alternative? With this option, you will be paying a bit more than $10 a month and you can even build your own website with it with no extra costs! I really cannot list all the benefits that using Elementor pro will give you! They are too many!


For those who don’t know who I am, I’m a WordPress developer and an affiliate marketer. I’m very passionate about what I do and I try to give as many tips I can to people that want to learn. If you check out the wp-advice blog, besides the best Clickfunnels alternative, you will find lots of articles related to WordPress. Some are technical and some are talking about business opportunities, of course, using WordPress. If you don’t know anything about the topic and you are willing to learn, I definitely suggest you check out my WordPress Absolute beginner’s guide. See you soon!

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