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Astra theme

Astra, The easiest WordPress Theme

Hello guys, Welcome to this new article. I suggest you pay really close attention to what I’m going to reveal to you today. In fact, What I am going to tell you could be life-changing for both, beginners and experts WordPress users. But, if you are not familiar with what WordPress is, I suggest you to read my WordPress absolute beginner’s guide first and then come back here. 

As you can probably see from the article title, today we are going to talk about the easiest WordPress theme that has ever been created. This article will be focused on describing the pro version of the Astra WordPress theme. Everything started when I was writing an article about how to easily build an e-commerce if you are a newbie. I was looking for an easy WordPress theme that could be perfect for my purpose and I came across Astra. From that moment on I can tell you that my life has changed.

If you have a low budget you should read my article on how to set up an eCommerce with the Astra free version. You will have your website online in less than one hour but its customizing options will be limited. If you are an expert user or even a beginner that already understood that buying a few tools is essential to properly work with WordPress, then this article is perfect for you. Just investing a few bucks,  you will be playing in a totally different league. Astra Pro gives the concrete opportunity for beginners to do websites like a pro and for developers to deliver websites in no time!

Build WordPress Websites In No Time For Your Customers

This is with no doubt the first great benefit!! This is what makes Astra the easiest WordPress theme out there to work with. With a few clicks, you will be online with a brand new website ready to be fully customized if needed. How easy you can customize it, is definitely the second great benefit of this theme! There are thousands of WordPress themes on the Internet, but for what I’ve seen, there is nothing like Astra. Let’s now dive into what you can really do with it. 

build a web agency with astra theme
Astra the easiest wordpress theme

Astra – How to set up your website

If you are reading this, I assume you already have some basics knowledge about WordPress, WordPress themes, and WordPress Plugins. And that you already have your WordPress set up inside your hosting and ready to work. If not, you should start from my WordPress absolute beginner’s guide and then come back here. 

Let’s see now how to completely set up your Astra Pro Theme and how to customize it. 

Downloading Astra Pro

To download Astra pro go to this page and you will find yourself inside the WpAstra website. From here go to the prices section and you will find all the plans that are offered. The first great thing that Astra gives us, is the possibility to choose in between an annual license or a lifetime one. This is great for both, beginners and expert users. As you know I am a WordPress developer so of course for me the lifetime access to the ”Agency Bundle” is gold. In fact, I build WordPress sites every day and this is a tool that I certainly need to give more options to my clients. If you are a beginner I suggest you start with the Astra pro annual license. It’s the cheapest license that you can buy on this website and, to begin with, it’s enough. For sure there will come the day where you will need to buy the agency bundle until then, don’t stress.

Installing Astra Pro into a new WordPress Website.

Once you have purchased your Astra Pro theme or any other option that WpAstra is offering, you will be redirected to the store @ brainstormforce’s dashboard. An email will guide you step by step into this process. There you will find your purchase ready to download. For this tutorial, I’ve bought the Astra Pro version to show you what you can really do with it. In a future article I will show you what you can get with the agency bundle. If you have a Web Agency or you are planning to have one, this is for sure your best option! Astra is by far The easiest WordPress theme to customize, it will make your life a lot easier.

As you have seen from the video above, I’m not downloading the child theme because I will not use it for this tutorial. You want to create a child theme if you are going to do some important changes at the PHP website structure. This is just to prevent that any theme upgrades will cancel your changes. This is not our case. We don’t need to touch any PHP file here.

It’s now time to upload our new Astra theme inside our WordPress website. You are about to discover how easy is to work with Astra and why I say is the easiest WordPress theme to customize. I’ve prepared a video tutorial for you, just click and watch it. ———>

The easy four steps (plus one) to build your website with Astra

Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme > upload here your Astra theme

Plugin > Add New > Digit ”starter templates” in the search box and Download the Starter Template as shown on video

Plugin > Add New > Upload Plugin > Upload here your Astra Addon plugin

Appearance > Starter Templates > Set free as shown on the video and choose in between more than fifty options. 

Plugin > Add New > Classic Editor (Optional, I don’t really like using Gutenberg) 

Customizing Your Astra Theme With Your Pro Addon

Together with Astra, we are going to use Elementor as a visual composer to customize our website’s pages. The free starter template pack, only works with this option. Let me tell you that this is more than enough. If you want to see in details how to work with Elementor, you can read this article and then come back here.

I want to focus and make you understand how Astra Pro and Elementor will work together and give your page the look that you expect. First of all, you will always be working on the page front end. To Change your pages’ pictures and text, you will be using Elementor. On the other side, for the structure of the pages, you will be using the Astra Pro addon.

You will be able to easily customize your Header, Footer, Typography, Pages layout, and much much more. You can find all these options on Appearance > Customize. You will be redirected to the front end of your page and you will be able to change any detail of your page layout. If you want to impress your customers with outstanding pages or you want to build up your brand, this is by far the best option. This is why it is the easiest WordPress theme to customize. As always I’ve prepared you a video, here above, that shows you exactly what you can do with Elementor and Astra Pro together. As you can see, to change texts and pictures you just click on it and take action. To change the website layout is also very intuitive. Isn’t this the easiest WordPress theme to customize? You can be done with your website in a matter of 2 hours … if you focus on it! In the video above I’m quickly transforming our page into a Web Agency website. 

This is for sure the easiest WordPress theme to customize. It gives the possibility to anyone to make a website in a matter of hours. You can transform your pre made template into anything else with just a few clicks. Astra pro and Elementor will give you the possibility of become a pro very quick. If you are a web agency, check out the Astra Agency Bundle. I’m using it for my clients and I’ve started to deliver websites in no time. If you want to learn more tricks you can join our free live webinars, just contact me for more information. 

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